Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Some snowy pics


So you probabaly already heard that we are having a large storm (if you haven't, you probably live in a hole).  The snow storm is supposed to be the largest since February 1978.  From what I gather that 1978 storm must have been mighty fun as a lot of people around here were born December 1978.    Like the rest of Boston metro, we are posting pics of the storm. 

Check out the cars

Sunday, January 27, 2013

2012 Review

here you go.....

Monday, October 29, 2012

October Has Been Busy!

I know that we haven't been great about updating since we've moved...but we've been busy.  Here is a quick summary of the past few months in pictures.
Tommy has been spending a lot of time at the dentist.  We learned that we didn't win "Parents of the Year" about the same time that we learned that our son had 8 cavities.  Who knew you were supposed to floss your kids?  Luckily, Tommy's dentist uses laughing gas for fillings, so he really didn't seem to mind it at all.

Kate had her first cleaning this month.  As you can see from her face, they don't gas you for cleanings :(
Amy and the kids have been going to church every Sunday.  The kids hate wearing "handsome" clothes, but they look so cute when they do!
The kids have been enjoying their new big backyard.  We even have a rope swing!
Kate has been taking after her dad and she has been working on her culinary skills.  Her dollies like to help.
Amy has been working on her Pintrest skills.  Here is her latest Halloween decoration.

We finally got around to getting Kate her first haircut.  She insisted that Daddy bring her...
It started out well...
and then they brought out the hair dryer!!
Final product.  Next time Mommy will bring her.

Now on to Halloween happenings....
First we had The Halloween Howl at Tommy's school.  It was at Veasly park which provided a beautiful backdrop for a great event.
Our little Cinderella and Ninja had a blast.
There was donut eating...
and playground fun.  It is a good thing that Daddy remembered to put shorts on under Cinderella's gown.
Our next event was the Halloween parade at Tommy's school.  Mommy, Daddy, and Kate rushed over to the school to watch Tommy and his friends walk around the circle about a hundred times.  We clapped and cheered every time they came around!
I think Tommy is getting knighted in this picture.

Next was the Halloween party at Kate's school.
The other day Michelle and I caught Kate wearing her dress up bridal veil chasing Evan around the house asking him to marry her.  Apparently Evan still isn't over it...just look at that face!

More donut eating...

We don't have any more pictures of Tommy from that night because he was too busy running around with his friends.  They kindly asked me to stop following them.  Ummm...what??  You're five.
Next, on to trick-or-treating in the old neighborhood.
Last night we started to get our pumpkins ready for Groveland's trick-or-treating which is this Wednesday.
Tommy went for the traditional carving...

As usual, Kate decided to do it her way and opted for paint.
More to come as Halloween continues...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our New House

So as we mentioned previously, the Dubows are becoming are becoming major real estate players in New England.  You can't swing a dead cat in Merrimack Valley without hitting a piece of property owned by the Dubows.  So anyway, we moved into our new house the other weekend and have been very busy unpacking, hanging pictures, arranging furniture, etc.   Here are a few fun facts on the new house.
  • It is really old.  It was built in 1897 (we think).  The age definitely gives it some character with some neat features. 
  • We have a curved wall.  Did you know this is to keep the ghosts from hiding.  Apparently they only hide behind corners, so if you have a curved wall, they won't be able to hide.  Because of this we won't have to call the ghost busters crew that hangs out in the parking lot of our new grocery store. 
  • The oldness of the house also means we have a creepy dahmer like basement.  Stone walls, dirt flow, limited lighting.  I think I found a femur down there.  Tillie loved it.


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tall Ships

So went to Newburyport the other day to check out the Bounty, a tall ship visiting the east coast.  It was pretty impressive.  Ropes, sails, cannons, intricate wood work every where.  Here is the description we read:

The HMS Bounty is one of the most famous ships in the world. Known for the storied mutiny that took place in Tahiti in 1789 on board the British transport vessel

We were so impressed we decided to spend the 10 bucks to get on the boat for a tour....YIPPIE, we were going to tour a real pirate ship!!! know what we learned Bounty = Fraud.  On the tour we learned that the ship was built in 1960.  Out new house is older than the Bounty.  The ship is a replica, built for the Marlon Brando film, Muitny on the Bounty.  It also was in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. 

 We overcame our depression by hitting up the Gelato place afterwards.  It was hot, so the kids ended up drinking their ice cream.